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Pigeon & Bird Control in Orlando, FL

bird control pic Trapping Pigeons     Pigeons cause problems when they flock in large numbers and together leave behind a large mess. In these areas, the pigeons should be removed by trapping. Here's how we do get rid of pigeons for expert bird control in Orlando.
orlando pigeons pic How To Remove Birds From The Attic     Getting rid of birds out of the attic depends on finding the entry point and setting up an exclusion system to let the birds out of the attic, while allowing no new pigeons to enter. The birds have to leave to get food and water outside the attic, and our professional expert exclusion system relies on this fact. .
pigeon waste pic Health Hazards Associated with Pigeons     Pigeons roost in large number and create a large amount of waste.  Proper removal and decontamination of colony sites is strongly recommended after birds have been trapped, eliminated, or excluded.
pigeon control Orlando Pigeon Prevention Photos     These are Wildlife Patrol's pigeon and bird control photos taken in Orlando, Florida.  Most photos show different phases of getting rid of pigeon problems.

Nuisance Problems Caused By Pigeons

Pigeons enter attics and flock together in large numbers. When a flock establishes a property as their home range, the Orlando birds will stay there until the pigeons are removed, trapped, or deterred. Wildlife Patrol solves pigeon problems tailored to the exact situation. Some jobs involve trapping, others setting up 1-way doors to exclude the birds, and other still involve deterrence through bird spikes or other devices to keep birds from roosting..
Orlando pigeon Image

"Pigeon droppings deface and accelerate the deterioration of buildings and increase the cost of maintenance." Vegetation will decay with the presence of pigeon droppings, which will create an odor problem. Pigeon feces that are dropped on "park benches, statues, cars, and unwary pedestrians is aesthetically displeasing." Pigeons consume and contaminate large quantities of food that is meant for human consumption around grain handling facilities. Many diseases can be contracted through contact with pigeon droppings by humans and livestock. They are known to be able to carry or transmit: " pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, Newcastle disease, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, and several other diseases." Also, with the right conditions, pigeon droppings can harbor "airborne spores of the causal agent of histoplasmosis, and a systemic fungus disease that can infect humans." Pigeons also carry ectoparasites for example: fleas, lice, mites, ticks, and other biting pests. The pigeons that are located around airports threaten human safety due to a possible bird-aircraft collision. The U.S. Air Force considers pigeons as a "medium priority hazard" to jet aircrafts.

Pest birds are a nuisance for property managers, property owners, architects and homeowners. All of our products are effective in the correct application; our trained customer service staff will assist you with finding the right product. Bird deterrents can range from Bird Spikes, Bird Netting, Bird Barriers, Non-lethal Shock strips, to audio and visual bird deterrents. Orlando bird control also carries vent guards, vent covers, sensory repellents and hand held lasers.

            Wildlife Control / Snake Prevention

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Orlando snake removal:  407-810-1381


PROTECTED WILDLIFE.  Poisons and their application techniques are generally indiscriminate.  If protected species are injured or killed directly by ingesting poison or indirectly by eating poisoned prey, fines, imprisonment, or both are levied against convicted perpetrators.  Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law.

PUBLIC IMAGE.  Concern for animals is becoming predominant in our society.  Lack of concern for animals' welfare translates into lack of concerns for those peoples' feelings.  In BUSINESS this means loss of income, employee productivity etc.  In GOVERNMENT this means loss of respect, power, and/or job.

WASTE OF LIFE.  Studies by Harvard University and others have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that birds and other animals share feelings of pleasure and pain, along with many thought processes that formerly were attributed solely to humans.  People who have and love pets concur.  This makes extermination tantamount to murder.

Car just washed? Birds overhead? It may be time for Professional Bird Shit Removal! The bird population has exploded in recent years. With the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web, birds of all types have grown more savvy, their proficiency growing at an exponential rate. Do you want to take a chance in this new day and age?

Our skilled technicians are highly trained in the art of Professional Bird Shit Removal and will thoroughly dig out your home, vehicle, or loved one from the offending pile. Whether the culprit is one bird, or an entire flock of feral pigeons, Professional Bird Shit Removal has you completely covered from head to toe.

We offer Professional Bird Shit Removal for small birds, medium sized birds and pigeons, large birds and unclassified birds and other strange, flying phenomenon.

Don't let another day go by where you leave your car, home, or loved one at the mercy of indiscriminate bird shit. Contact Professional Bird Shit Removal today for your free quote.


Orlando Squirrel Removal

Various long term bird control deterrent systems or products can be used where pigeons are a problem. Pigeons roost on building ledges, causing defacement and health risks from their droppings.The bites of bird mites are 10 times worse than fleas and cause severe skin irritation and blotching.  Starlings and sparrows often nest inside roof voids, causing thousands of minute bird mites to enter the premises.

This may include installation of plastic or stainless steel spikes on ledges or other roosting areas; post and spring wire barriers and bird netting to exclude pigeons from particular areas.

In some areas, shooting of pigeons may be allowed as approved by National Parks & Wildlife Service and the local police authorities. Live trapping and humane disposal of the pigeons is also permitted in certain circumstances. Affected roof void areas may be treated with a permethrin dust. In addition, any bird mite infested areas in the living quarters of the home may be treated with natural pyrethrins, as applied through a fogging machine that disperses the natural pyrethrin insecticide to penetrate into nooks and crannies where the bird mite may congregate.Contact your pest control professional for an on site inspection, service quotation and advice as to the recommended service or product best suited to the situation.

WASTE OF MONEY.  Removing birds from an area is like bailing out a boat without fixing the holes in the bottom.  Before long, it clearly becomes cheaper to fix the holes than to continuously pay people to keep bailing out the boat -- just has it is much better to exclude or deter the birds than to endlessly keep trying to remove them.

It may be more expensive, initially, to modify the habitat to permanently keep birds away, but it is a one-time cost that, if amortized, actually costs far less per year than perpetual extermination or removal expenses -- and eventually becomes 100% less than bird removal schemes.

CLEAN UP expenses continue after removal campaigns because rarely are all birds removed and, new birds fill in the vacancies left by those who were removed.  Proper habitat modification eliminates the need for continuous cleanup, which adds to the overall savings.

LOSS OF INCOME.  Animal loving people, animal oriented organizations, people concerned about the environment and the safety of their children and pets, will boycott offending businesses, residential facilities, etc. -- and word travels fast.  Animal loving employees become disgruntled, which reduces productivity.



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