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Orlando rat infestation? call our expert rat control to solve the rats in the attic problem

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Rats Infestation - Orlando Florida

a typical example of how Orlando rat problems are eliminated

Rat infestation in the attic?
Customer hears animal scratching sound in attic, for rats in the attic, the noise is heard at night.  The homeowner in most cases has heard the noises for a few nights to a few weeks and calls us when they are certain that the noises they hear are not normal house sounds and that the noises are not outside up on the roof, they call Orlando Rat experts at 407-810-1381.

Most jobs begin with the customer hearing the animals in the walls or ceiling.  A smaller percentage of Florida rat control work begins when the customer sees the rat evidence (chewing, droppings, feces) or the rat itself inside the home proper.  These types of Rats infestation Orlando are more advanced and involve catching more rats.

Home Inspection, Trap Setup, Rodent Proofing

Orlando rat control experts come out to the property and look over the rooftop, eave, crawlspace, and attic to confirm that the animals in the attic are rats (as opposed to raccoon, squirrel, opossum in the attic) and more importantly, to find exactly where the Orlando rats are getting into the home.

On this first visit, our Orlando exterminators set traps for the rats and in most cases completely seal up the home.  Most jobs, all of the traps are set in the attic.  The attic is where the heart of the rat problems in Orlando, FL are.

Clearing out rat catches, re-baiting, re-evaluating
Orlando rat trappers return around the 4th to 6th day (the timing is up to the customer) to clear out the trapper rats.  At this point for most homes, ALL rats have been caught and the noises in the attic have ceased.   The Rats infestation Orlando job could be closed at this point, but usually we keep trapping to make sure there are no remaining rodents in the attic.

Cleaning Out The Attic
We make our 2nd return trip about 7 to 10 days after the 1st return trip.  During this period, there should be no animal sounds in the house and when we check the traps, the rat traps should all still be exactly how they were left - still in the set position.

The attic decontamination is usually performed on this visit, now that rats have been completely eliminated and the home fully rodent-proofed.


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         Rat Infestation In Orlando, Apopka, or Longwood?

how to get rid of bats Florida 

              Orlando rat control:  407-810-1381

Signs of Rat Infestation:  Most Orlando rats in the attic are Norway rats, which are pest animals. Any place outdoors could be a trap as long as it provides pest control. Rat infestations in Orlando are usually found in earth banks, dumps, sewers, along walls, under rubbish or concrete slabs, and in other similar places. Critter rat control usually will only move in a 100- to 150-foot radius from their burrows in search of food and water. Rats are typically three inches in diameter. If a burrow is in use, the entrance will be free of cobwebs and dust and there will also be fresh rubmarks on hard packed soil. Fresh Orlando exterminators of food or freshly dug earth at the entrance are also indicative of an active burrow. Capsule shaped droppings one-half to three-quarters of an inch long are evidence of rodent activity. Fresh rat droppings are moist, soft, shiny and dark. After a few days they will become dry and hard and how to get rats out of attic. Old droppings are dull and grayish and will crumble when pressed with a stick.

Orlando rats infestation

Since rat control is frequently use the same attic between food, water and shelter, their runways can be observed by greasemarks or by beaten earth that has been swept clear of pest control debris. Another method of home pest control detection is looking for rat in the attic tracks. Five-toed tracks from the rear paws are more often found than four-toed tracks from the Orlando paws. Tailmarks, too, are often pest rats. Dusting Orlando, Florida materials such as talc or flour are useful when checking for rat infestation activity. Rats have poor vision and rely on their senses of smell, taste, hearing and touch. Apopka rats have sensitive whiskers and also specialized hairs called guard hairs. prefer to keep these hairs and whiskers in constant contact with a how to kill rats as they move about in order to protect and familiarize themselves with their rat problem in Longwood. By doing so, they leave dark and greasy rubmarks along their runways near the ground or floor level. When fresh, these Longwood rats will smear. As they age, they gather dust and dry and will get rid of rats flake off when scratched with a fingernail.


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