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Florida Snake Control - Orlando

rats in attic logo Snake Removal     Snakes get into garage and home attic on occasion. The best way to get rid of snakes is to get an Orlando snake removal expert directly out to the property while the snake is in sight.
Florida snake picture Florida Venomous / Poisonous Snakes     There are 6 specie of venomous snakes present in Florida. In greater Orlando, only 4. Click here to see pictures of these species.
snake in attic icon Snake in Attic     The yellow rat snake enters attics in search of yellow rats. How to prevent animal entry into attic and what to do to remove snakes from home attic.
snake prevention photo Preventing Snakes     Snakes are hard to keep off a property completely. But there are several steps a homeowner can take to make their land as snake-unfriendly as possible. Orlando snakes can be deterred to a degree.

Nuisance Problems Caused by Snakes

Snakes are a common presence in Orlando. These reptiles thrive in the humid climate of Central Florida. Some people have irrational fears (ophidiophobia) of these critters. The best step to take for Orlando Snake Control is to learn about the 4 venomous species in our area. If you can identify these on sight, then every other snake you see, you will know it is not dangerous. Follow the links below to learn more and see why our company provides the best snake control in Orlando.
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Preventive or reductive measures.  This section is also called the identification of species-specific points of attractiveness.  There are over 115 species of snakes and countless sub-species of snakes recognized by the scientific community as living in the United States alone.  They have different requirements, eat different types of prey and may even reproduce differently.  We will determine if there are points of attractiveness present in or around the home that would serve to either attract or serve to sustain a given population of snakes.  Your prompt removal of these points of attractiveness or your modification of those which cannot be removed will deprive snakes of a motive to remain there with you.

            Wildlife Control / Snake Prevention

how to get rid of bats Florida 

Orlando snake removal:  407-810-1381



  • Snake repellents are NOT effective. Lime, sulfur, mothballs are all ineffective and are a waste of money. Mothballs are toxic when eaten by children and pets.
  •  Any wild area is a good habitat for all wildlife, including snakes.
  •  Altering habitat is the only way to reduce snakes. Keep grass under 3 inches. Keep shrub and flower beds with less than 4 inches of mulch. Remove debris piles. Be careful around wood piles.
  • Areas with new development near by may experience an increase in snakes as  wildlife (including snakes) leave the construction areas.
  • When entering dark areas such as tool sheds or crawl spaces, use a light source and examine the area before you step or grab for something. Snakes will hide in sheds, garages, and crawl spaces.
  • In the case of children, it may be advisable to construct a  snake fence.


  • Determine how they entered and fence or seal those areas.
  • Leave several damp towels in the area were they were last seen.
  • Pick the towels up with a shovel or another long object and place towels outside to see if you caught the snake. Don't pick up towels up with bare hands.

Snakes are an important part of our ecosystem here in Charlotte. We remove snakes without killing them. We can also advise you on how to discourage snakes in your home or business. Call us for a consultation appointment or fill out the form to the right.

Mecklenburg county has only one species of venomous snake, the Copperhead.  In our experience, many people who claim to be knowledgeable about snakes mistakenly identify any snake that is brown as a copperhead. There are at least 7 "brown" species of snake in the Charlotte area that we have seen identified as "Copperheads", "Black Copperheads", "Baby Copperheads", or "Rattlers". Copperheads are very easy to identify once you learn what to look for.


Identification of existing or developing points of access or entry leading into structures. Since the abilities of different species of snakes vary greatly (some are great climbers others - from the back of the remedial climbing class, are less so) and since it is often the species of snake which determines the openings most likely to be used, you can imagine how many openings are overlooked by laypersons and by the various problem generalist who momentarily insert themselves into our field.  We will identify openings usable by snakes (90% of which can be filled by the average homeowner without having to hire a contractor).  Keeping doors closed is not a bad idea either.If you have a dead snake, but no shed skin and have access to a photocopy machine, place the snake on the glass plate (belly side down).  Send copy to our home office using the same procedure outlined above for the shipment of shed snake skin.  The cost is the same as a shed snake skin evaluation.  If you can make a copy of a dorsal view (back of the snake) then that would be very helpful too.

Please ship only intact shed skins or clean copies of snakes.  Upon the receipt of your package, we will perform our evaluation to determine if the shed snake skin is from a venomous North American snake.  If the skin is from a venomous North American snake, then you will be called alerting you as to the specific nature of our findings.  You will also receive a written statement of our findings as well.  All non-venomous North American snake results will be mailed out to you.  Note: Do NOT ship snake bodies, carcasses or live snakes in the mail!  Strolling into a copy store with a snake, is behavior we strongly discourage, as it may not be in your best interest.



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