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Removal of pest squirrel problems for Orlando, Lake Mary, Longwood, FL, Florida

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Orlando Squirrel Removal

How To Solve Problems With Florida Squirrels

FL squirrels in attic pic How To Remove Squirrels From Attic     Squirrels entering the attic is probably the most common nuisance wildlife problem nationwide.  Most commonly, the squirrel problem isn't recognized until the mother squirrel's litter begins running around and also making noise in the attic.  Squirrels, like rats and other rodents, constantly have to chew. The potential for damage to electrical wires, air ducts, and plumbing is substantial.  Follow this page to learn the best methods to remove squirrels from the home attic.
squirrel removal pic How To Trap For Squirrels     Trapping squirrel is either done using food baited traps or by setting one way traps at  entry point the squirrel must walk through.  The best results come when the home is sealed except for one or two entry / exit points where traps are set. .
heathrow squirrels Squirrel Videos     Wildlife Patrol's squirrel removal videos including videos of squirrel in attic, squirrel damage to fascia, 1-way trap setup, and squirrel removal success.
Lake Mary wildlife removal Squirrel Photos     Here's our collection of squirrel removal photographs we've taken over the years while performing Orlando, FL animal control services.
tile roof rodent control Tile roof rodent control    Tile roof rodent jobs can be especially challenging. Most tile roof jobs in Florida are resolved in the exact same manner as flat shingle roofs. Some homes require a great deal of sealing around the tile's perimeter.
squirrel problem help pic Squirrel Down Chimney / Fireplace     Most chimney caps leave the outer flue open for squirrels to explore. When they go down this hole, they need fast help within 48 hours to assist them in getting out. There is no way to remove squirrels in the outer chimney flue from inside the fireplace.

Stopping Home Problems Caused By  Eastern Grey Squirrels

Squirrels are the most commonly seen mammal in Florida. They jump from trees to the rooftops of all the homes in Orlando. When homeowners hear noises in the attic, their first guess is squirrels are inside the attic - and they are often correct. Mother squirrels love to use attics to nest and raise their litter. Squirrel activity creates running, scratching, and chewing noises from the ceiling and makes an attic filled with soiled insulation. Worse, their inherent rodent gnawing (just like rats) puts all structures at risk. Electrical wires, plumbing, and AC ducts are all at risk when squirrels are in the attic. Click the topics above for more information and to see why our company provides the best Orlando squirrel removal.
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Squirrels in Attics

Squirrels will get into any opening they can squeeze their heads through, including fireplaces, chimney flues, roof vents, loose siding and soffit gaps. They can gnaw into a roof’s overhangs, shingles, gable and soffit areas and where two roofs meet, or simply anywhere they sense a void. Squirrels can even get into the attic through crevices in the chimney.

Getting onto your roof is no trick, either. They are excellent climbers. Squirrels will climb right up wood siding, stucco, brick and trees to gain access to the house.


Squirrels in the attic are a very common problem. Damage to attics as a result of squirrel habitation is very rare. Squirrels will often leave attics in the summer because the attic becomes too hot. You can wait until the hottest part of summer and then block the holes. This is the most humane solution.

Note: These techniques are appropriate for adult squirrels. If babies are involved, humane eviction should be delayed until the babies are old enough to leave the nest and survive on their own.

Find Their Method of Entry


  • Check outside for any visible entrances, be aware that the holes may be smaller than you expect.
  • Check the attic for light shining through from the outside, this may be an entrance.
  • Common entrances are attic vents, in the crease of two ajoining roofs, and in soffit vents.

Check for Babies

  • Babies are born twice a year, in the spring (January-April) and in the fall (August-September).
  • Search the attic for nests, which are commonly constructed from insulation and other materials. Nests are usually located closer to the outer edges of the attic, between studs and into the eaves.
  • A pole may be used to check for babies in hard to reach places. Of course, use care as to not injure any baby squirrels.
  • You will want to leave the nest undisturbed until the babies are older and on their own.



Orlando Squirrel Removal

It is best to wait to evict squirrels with babies until the infants are grown and gone. Usually all squirrels leave the natal area 12-14 weeks after being born for territorial reasons. Sometimes, one may stay behind, and then eviction techniques may be used. If you really need them out immediately, then you will want to get the mother to move the babies on her own.

If you have fruit or nut trees in your back yard, you may notice a squirrel being particularly attracted to such plants. Since vegetable matter makes up a good portion of squirrels’ diets, they can deplete the tree’s growth so there’s not as much left for human consumption. Squirrels may eat cones and nip twigs so much that it interferes with the natural reseeding of trees in the yard.


  • Go into the attic and locate the nest during mid-morning.
  • Very gently tamper with the nest. Try pulling off the top of the nest and if possible slide the nest over a foot or so. But, remember to be very gentle, babies are quite fragile.
  • Place a radio, tuned to an all talk station, about 6' from the nest.
  • Roll rags into a tight ball and tie with twine. Soak rag balls in ammonia until saturated and toss them into the vicinity of the squirrels' nest.
  • Check the nest the following morning. If the babies are gone, you can usually block the entries. First, make sure the mother didn't move the babies to another part of the attic. The radio usually prevents this.
  • If the mother has or knows of an alternate nest site, she will usually move her young within an hour or so. If she has to find or build a new nest, it may take 5 or 6 hours.



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